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Some Aspects of Originality in the Responsa of R. Simeon Duran. Morell, Samuel. Nadel, Shimshon HaKohen. Acknowledging a Miracle with a Berachah. The Silk Screen Sefer Torah. Kleinhandler, Yisrael. Free Choice. The Jewish Idea of Freedom. Kadish, Alan. Jewish Education.

Talmud Study: From Proficiency to Meaning. Brandes, Yehuda. The Miracle of the Answered Prayer. Hansel, Georges. Naor, Bezalel. Rosenfeld, Josh. Resnick, Elliot.

A Delicious Taboo by Jennifer Cole - FictionDB

Genetically Modified Organisms. Lichtenstein, Dovid. Is Parchment Klaf? Hoffman, Yaakov.

Marah: Preparing for Kabbalas HaTorah. Bleicher, Ari. Feintuch, Avraham. Volume 11 Letters. Arami Oved Avi. Establishing the Proper Text and Context. Vaccination in Halakhah and in Practice in the Orthodox Community. Bush, Asher. Nidduy, Arur and Nezifah: Social Pressure. Levine, Nachman.


Covering Mirrors in the Shivah Home. Volume 14 Letters. Mintz, Adam. Shemoneh Esreh in Eretz Yisrael ca. Jaffe, Yaakov. Landa, Judah. Two Myths about German Jewry. Plaut, Mordecai. Weinstein, Yaakov S. The Jew and the Potlatch. Kaganoff, Yonatan. Squaring the Circle of Faith. Rubin, Eli. The Binding of Isaac.

Navon, Mois. Loike, John and Tendler, Moshe. Plonit v. Broyde, Michael. Who Will Support the State of Israel? Further Reflections on Classification of Mishneh Torah. Pikuach Nefesh for a Ger Toshav. Can a Ger Tzedek be Appointed Parnass? Pfeffer, Jeremy I. A Statistical Analysis of the Conjunction of Tishrei.

Epstein; Wilamowsky; Dickman; Weiss. Segelman, Micah. Kabbalah—Escape from Reality or Affirmation of Life? Misinterpreting Rabbi Judah Ha-Levi. Volume 20 Letters. Torah Authority. Volume 21 Letters. On Changes in Liturgy and Customs in General. Sperber, Daniel. Gillis, David. A New Ben Asher Manuscript.

Haberman, Moshe. Adlerstein, Yitzchok.

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Spercher, Shlomo. Broder,Hillel E. Bronstein, Yosef. Greenspan, Ari. Jewish History. Reichman, Edward and Anna Dysert. Brown, Benjamin. Ohr La-Goyim. Teaching Mussar at the FBI. Friedman, Cary A. Guttman, David. Twersky, Geula. Stunning after Slaughter. Kleinman, Daniel Asher. Volume 25 Letters. Kosher and Ethical Animal Products. Zivotofsky, Ari.

Zelcer, Heshey and Malky. Rosensweig, Michael. Sterman, Baruch. Ehrenberg, Isaac. Probabilistic Analysis of the Propagation of Latent Mamzerus. Berman, Simeon M. An Appreciation: Dr. Epstein, Sheldon. Embalming Jacob. Katz, Ben Zion. Reinterpretation and Resistance to the Mitzvah of Tefillah. Why is there no kosher meat or poultry that is certified humane? Zelcer, Heshey and Malky Zelcer. Henkin, Eitam. Divine Perfection: Definitions of Shleimut. Fine, Michael. Gold, Yoni. Did R.

Gelley, Yekusiel. Rambam and the Size of the Sun. Bogacz, Yoram. Vaaknin, Rafi. Seeman, Don. Attitudes toward the Study of Zohar and Lurianic Kabbalah. Asking a Child to do a Melachah on Shabbat. From the Monarchy of David to the Children of Israel. Novick, Anthony and Tawil, Joseph.

Volume 24 Letters. Student, Gil. Does Halakhah consider female infertility an illness? Gewirtz, William. Did ArtScroll Censor Rashi? Loewenberg, Meir. Deconstructing the Lunar Calendar. A Synagogue on Har Habayit in the 7th Century. The Origin of the Custom of Chai Rotl. Volume 22 Letters. A Populism of the Spirit. Cowen, Shimon. Shandelman, Btzalel. Adams, Steven. Did a Piyut Change the Halachah? Pies, Ronald. Messianic Wonders and Skeptical Rationalists. Technology in the Service of the First Mitzvah. Weitzman, Gideon. Two Models of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Is Handshaking a Torah Violation? Eisen, Chaim. Dealing with Religious Dissenters. Yarmulke: A Historic Cover-up? Review Essay. Was the Chasam Sofer Inconsistent? Apprehension in Jewish Belief and in the Study of Torah. Normand, Neil. Rabinovitch, Nachum Eliezer. Rambam and Zevulun: Boz Yavuzu Lo. Review Essay: Worship of the Heart. Kaplan, Lawrence J. Divine Providence—Goals, Hopes and Fears. Krakowski, Menachem. Volume 2 Letters. Volume 3 Letters.

Tikkunei Soferim, an Analysis of a Masoretic Phenomenon. Lieberman, Avrohom. Volume 4 Letters. Volume 5 Letters.

murderous mothers Manual

Levine, Aaron. The Jewish Enlightenment. Epstein, Sheldon and Greenberger, David. Farkas, David S. Forum: Part 2b. Response to Rabbi Eliezer Ben Porat. Forum: Part 3. Rabbi Banet's Charming Snake. Nimmer, David. R' Shlomo Yehuda Rapoport Shir. Landerer, Chaim. Modern Scholarship and Yirat Shamayim. Who Was Re'uel? Balsam, Yacov. Rambam and the Mesorah. The Beginning of the Jewish Calendar. Dickman, Bernard. Zelcer, Meir. Complete Forum Exchange. Mishneh Torah—Science and Art. Reichman, Edward.

Levmore, Rachel. Mourning Abusive Parents. Wolowelsky, Joel B. Strickman, H. Volume 8 Letters. Wine from Havdalah, Women and Beards. Zivotofsky, Ari Z. Schwartz, Daniel B. Klein, Daniel A. Cumulative Index of Articles in Hakirah Volumes 1 through Women Rabbis? Schachter, Hershel.

Orthodox Women Rabbis? Broyde, Michael and Brody, Shlomo. Rava as Mara de-Atra in Mahoza. Elman, Yaakov. Clarifying Why the Muscovy Duck is Kosher. Zivotofsky, Ari and Amar, Zohar. Aleinu: Obligation to Fix the World or the Text? First, Mitchell. Volume 10 Letters. Goldberg, Arthur. Berger, Joseph. Herczeg, Yisrael Isser Zvi. Volume 13 Letter. Rapoport, Chaim. A Personal Account. Muskin, Elazar. Friedberg, Dov. Cohen, Nachman. Completing Creation. Chimeras and the Limits of Casuistry in Jewish Bioethics. Jotkowitz, Alan. Shore, Aryeh.

On Reading Rambam in Brooklyn and in Haifa. Kellner, Menachem. Frimer, Aryeh A. Brown, Jeremy. Volume 12 Letters. A Yeshiva Curriculum in Western Literature. Goldman, David P. Review Essay: Exposition as High Art. Heller, Marvin J. The Emergence and Development of Tosafot on the Talmud.

Leibowitz, Aryeh. The Propriety of a Civil Will. Should Visiting the Cemetery be Encouraged or Discouraged? Zuriel, Moshe. Schwartz, Dovber. Males, Akiva. Pointing to the Torah and other Hagbaha Customs. Volume 15 Letters. Korobkin, N. Medicine and Halakhah.

Obstetrics and the Curse of Eve. Lockshin, MArtin L. History and Halakhah. Krakowski, Eliyahu. Gestational Surrogacy. Loike, John D. Criminalization of HIV Transmission. Spira, Shalom C. Honoring Abusive Parents. Dratch, Mark. Balk, Hanan. The Movement of the Chanukah Menorah Indoors. Walter, Moshe. Volume 16 Letters. Volume 17 Letters.

Torah and Science. Review Essay: Torah, Chazal and Science. Modern Orthodoxy: A Philosophical Perspective. Brody, Baruch. A Kingdom of Priests. Halakhah and Minhag. The Thick and Thin of the History of Matzah. Zivotofsky, Ari and Greenspan, Ari. Wolowelsky, Joel. Poetry, Conversion and the Memorial Prayer. Jafe, Yaakov. Hassidim and Mitnagdim. Maimon, Moshe. The only thing that struck me as weird was that they wanted to be a 5-some but the men would stay in their respective relationships.

I guess it would work. The sex was hot and had all kinds of configuration. She dropped a lot of tidbits into the characters background, but didn't dive too deep. I guess she could in only 78 pages, but I think she could have fleshed it out more to give the characters mo 4 men I guess she could in only 78 pages, but I think she could have fleshed it out more to give the characters more depth. It also would have made the book longer. Overall though, I really liked it for what it was: I look forward to the sequel.

A Delicious Taboo

Mar 15, Jessica rated it liked it. Tons of hot sex! Their sex drive was through the roof. Seemed too long for a short story. There was a lot of unnecessary character info that did nothing for the story. I also dislike when writers tell me how i should feel about a character straight out. And some of the lines were too cheesy and didn't sound like something anyone would really say out loud. I love cheesy pick up lines, but here She's fully clothed and somehow you can smell her pu y through her clothes?! And Melanie rides a motorcycle? Why does everyone including Mel ride motorcycles?

Not that i have anything against it, just wondering May 31, Lili rated it liked it. Sep 23, Menna rated it liked it Shelves: Hot quick dirty read Nov 24, Soumi rated it did not like it. Sometimes I read a review or something pops up on my Kindle suggestions and I tap the to-read icon just to review or read more about this book later. For this one I have no freaking idea what I was thinking when I hit that button. Of course it was paid and not on KU and no way in hell was I gonna pay a dime for such trash, so I read it online for free. Sorry Cole but it's an open source, and it doesn't deserve more than that.

Now, her curiosity eating at her and shivering noticeably, Mel sucked in a breath. Mel gasped in shock, her eyes growing as big as saucers. As she turned what felt like twelve shades of red before them, four smiles of amusement met her stunned gaze. Were they fucking serious? Did they know how she felt about them? There was no way she could choose just one couple; she was greedy and wanted all four of them. For the most part, Mel considered herself a quiet sort of girl.

Preferring to keep to herself, she allowed very few a glimpse into her personal life.

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However, over the past few months, the four friends had somehow managed to burst through her defenses, gaining access into her personal space. Finding her womanly body and ample boobs to be a more than adequate display of her femininity, Mel did little else to draw attention to herself. Clips or a scrunchy kept her long dark curls from hanging in her face.

A tube of mascara and a colorless lip gloss were the 8 Jennifer Cole extent of the contents in her makeup bag. Sure, men looked at her all the time, or rather, looked at her breasts, but none ever approached her. Mel groaned at his statement, thinking about all the delicious sexual things she would love to try with them. With effort, she swallowed down the words, Take me now, dammit.