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  3. Our digital future: experts on the opportunities and challenges
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Wired reality: Living in a networked world

Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Book Description Publication Date: October 14, Beyond the hype about dot-coms, WAP phones and dot-com entrepreneurs, what impacts will e-commerce have on society? How will it affect jobs and local communities?

What will it mean for the environment - for energy use, transport and the future shape of our cities? How can we ensure that everyone enjoys the benefits of the new digital technologies? This is a groundbreaking exploration of the social and environmental impacts and opportunities of the new economy. It brings together the leading thinkers and visionaries from the worlds of policy, business and academia in an insightful, vigorous and at times controversial examination of the impact e-commerce will have on the way we live and work, and on the environment on which we all depend.

Show more. Show less. The book asks what is social media culture? And, what it is doing to young girls?

Our digital future: experts on the opportunities and challenges | Process Excellence Network

Wendy writes about the border wars between cyberspace and real life. As new parents engage with media such as pregnancy calendars and social media such as Facebook, Maja suggests that it is now necessary for parents to decide on a parental communication strategy as they navigate these digital contexts.

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Anthea Edalere-Henderson looks to Jamaican family relations to understand online engagement. The previous edition barely mentioned mobile phones, social networking, online identities or digital games, with researchers implicitly prioritising face-to-face interaction. Image credit: B. Marina Everri takes a closer look at the ways in which smartphones impact family life in Italy, and whether they are changing the ways in which parents and adolescents interact. Image credit: M. She discusses how her study of parents raising children with disabilities in the digital age also became a snapshot of the global Syrian refugee crisis.

Image credit: P. Nell Haynes looks at the particular case of miners in Chile and their ways of parenting from a distance. Laura is a teacher of anthropology and sociology at Colchester Sixth Form College, senior examiner for A level anthropology, and author of several textbooks. Image credit: F. Osorio, CC BY 2.

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Giovanna Mascheroni looks into some of the hopes and concerns surrounding the internet of toys. Image credit: L. Crystal is an anthropologist and ethnographer who studies vernacular internet culture. Image credit: C. Joanna Adler looks into the fast-changing world of technology, connectivity and digital resilience. They argue that as ClassDojo has grown into a new social media site for schools, it poses a number of risks in relation to data protection and child privacy, and to how children, teachers and parents interact.

Should you let your toddler use an iPad?

Bricks versus clicks: planning for the digital economy

Do we know how touchscreen devices affect infants and toddlers? They were involved in the development of content for MediaNest, an online platform for parents recently launched by Mediawijs, the Flemish Knowledge Centre for Media Literacy. She discusses how children may grow up in a vastly different national landscape than the one we know today. As even Leave campaigners h Opportunity for All? She argues that this is especially important to ensuring equal access to learning opportunities.

Or should common sense prevail? He is interested in music reception and social practices of listening, the co-evolution of media audiences and media institutions as well as in critical, qualitative methods of academic inquiry. He tweets via myredtowel. So what right do they have to privacy? Wendy M.

Our digital future: experts on the opportunities and challenges

In particular, she explores the impact of digital technology, and how this is helping or hindering in the brokering process. The undeniable reality is that ever younger children are gaining access to tablets, becoming proficient tablet users, but is this really in their best interests, developmentally?

She i Are the Trolls Winning? She is a mother of two. But parents also discover and embrace technology for themselves. In April , Dale partnered with a coalition of 10 public interest and child advocacy groups to file a formal complaint with theFederal Trade Commission against YouTube Kids.

She finds that monitoring and protection are important aspects of digital parenting, but so are fun and enj Is Using Technology for Learning a Good Idea? She concludes that talking to children about what they like to learn and how is the best way forward to support them. As parents are equipping their homes with technology to support When is sexual content online more a right than a risk?

Reclaiming Sci-Fi’s Lost History

She argues that we can no longer plead embarrassment or worries about pornography as the reasons why we as a society fail to educate, support and provide young people with the sexual information they have a right to. It has been a fe Parenting for a Digital Future — recent media appearances Eagle-eyed readers may have spotted one of three major press stories featuring our research on parenting and technology last week. Sonia was featured in an article in the Telegraph on Cyber safety: How protected are your children online?