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You played as a more generic character, could level up your characters, get upgraded clubs and even explore the environment a bit, too. Obviously, you got a much more simplistic game of golf, but these additions added a lot to the overall experience, a trend which would continue in the handheld versions. Outside of the Mario Golf series, other companies were taking golf in various directions. One such company was Sensible Software. Now I am going to assume that most people have heard of Sensible Soccer , one of the greatest football games of the bit era more like all time , but not many people realise that they also released Sensible Golf.

This game — while rather fun in quick bursts — was hampered by the fact that it was built on the same game engine as Sensible Soccer and therefore had to be more arcade-like, rather than a sim. Although it boasted twenty-five courses, these were all made up from the same pool of seventy-two holes. Legendary developer Sid Meier also threw his glove into the ring with Sim Golf. You gradually create your course, hole by hole, and gradually, as more people play and like your course, make more simoleons, which can help expand and improve your course.

Great little game. Starting out on the PS1, and with entries on every Sony system since, it has always been a mainstay of my collection. Not over-the-top wacky like some of the others on this list, but all the characters are overly cute, in that typical Japanese way.

It has always had some odd additions, such as Sackboy and Kratos being in the PS3 version, or being able to unlock clubs based on a popular soft drink in the PSP one.

Agent special a Venise movie download

Outlaw Golf was another fun one, and the only one on the list marketed toward adults and mature teens. An interesting element with Outlaw Golf was the composure meter. It would go to the positive side when you were playing well and to the negative side when playing badly. Play badly too long tanks your composure, and you end up beating your caddie up rather fun if, I do say so myself. It even managed a sequel, plus tennis and volleyball versions. This was an online-only, multiplayer golf game for PC in which you could level yourself up and upgrade your clubs.

All other servers are sadly shut down now, which included an English server. A Neo Geo arcade title, also ported to the Pocket Color, is a straight-up arcade look at the game of game of golf. Great, oddball fun, for up to four players on the GameCube and PlayStation 2.

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Overall, games like golf are a lot more fun when you step outside the norm, and I feel the same about most sports games. A grumpy old git with a taste for all things retro, and will be behind Nintendo till the day he dies.

Disc Golf for Beginners with Nate Sexton

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Robotech: Ace Pilot — Dice blast. Video Game Features.

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By Terry Jeffryes On Feb 9, 1. Other Notable mentions go to: Pangya Golf This was an online-only, multiplayer golf game for PC in which you could level yourself up and upgrade your clubs. Terry Jeffryes 29 posts 0 comments. You might also like. Big Boss Babble. Dann Sullivan says 2 years ago. Leave A Reply. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Kero Kero King Gratuitous English : From the cover: ""Kerof" is the brand new exciting sports in the galaxy. The champion of the Kerof is called "KeroKeroKing". But Nosukin, a little boy, is about to challenge him!!

The introduction cutscene of one of the late-game opponents, a pair of Creepy Twin tomato juice cans, parodies the "bloody elevator" scene from The Shining with tomato juice in place of blood. Another late-game opponent is a dancing zombie who bursts out of a monolith. While it's mostly in 3D, the characters themselves are in 2D. Ribbit King All There in the Manual : There's a fair amount of information on various characters that only shows up in the bottlecap descriptions, such as Princess Tippi's real name being Anastasia, Pan-Pan coming from a planet named "Pow-Pow," and the little ghost inside Sir Waddlelot being a mad scientist who created the dinosaur obstacles in the Ribbetopia courses.

Animate Inanimate Object : Picwick is essentially a living picnic basket, though he also has a communication device inside of him that is used by Scooter to contact King Hippity-Hop. Battle Intro : Parodied in Pan-Pan's first introductory cutscene. Big Bad : While the first storyline doesn't have one unless you consider Gumbah-Goo villainous , Captain Oinka fills this role during the second playthrough.

Bizarre and Improbable Golf Game : A shining example. Seriously, where else apart from Kero Kero King can you play a send-up of golf in which the clubs are replaced with hammers and the balls with frogs on catapults? Blush Sticker : Scooter has permanent solid pink blushes on his face, as does Princess Tippi on her alternate costume. Camp Straight : Sluggy talks in a ridiculously camp Paul Lynde -esque manner, with the appropriate campy effeminate mannerisms to boot, and yet in "Sluggy After Work" on Plus! Catchphrase : Picwick has "I've got you covered! Everything's Better with Penguins : Sir Waddlelot.

He's a robotic penguin, but still. Excited Show Title! Some of the clips have it as well, such as "Frolf Beach Party! Extended Gameplay : After beating the game once, you unlock a new storyline Fingerless Hands : Most of the characters have this. Four Is Death : Sparky and Whoosh's frog egg costs 4, credits. Gag Lips : Sluggy has large blue lips. Pappy and his siblings' lips are also rather puffy. The Ghost : Dropsie is an interesting variation of this trope.

He's mentioned in several bottlecap descriptions, has his picture on a mountain on Frosticle, and is clearly visible inside Sir Waddlelot's hat. Despite this, he is never acknowledged by any of the characters, and he barely even moves at all in the cutscenes. He also physically resembles a ghost, making him a literal version of this trope.

Trimmer, Fort Battleford closing out first year of disc golf at historic site

Guide Dang It! In fact, after his big reveal, he goes right back to hiding, and remains there even after you defeat him. Hub Level : The F.

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Idle Animation : If you leave Scooter standing around in the F. Improbable Age : Scooter appears to be under the age of 13, and yet it's stated in the game that he is a carpenter. Interface Spoiler It's fully possible to unlock a bottlecap depicting Captain Oinka's servants before you even learn of Captain Oinka's existence.

A few of the Plus! Keet : Picwick. Limited Animation : Manages to pull this off in three dimensions in the story mode cutscenes, further driven home by the fact that most of the characters have 2D faces.