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Alongside my studies, I have also been working in different positions, for instance at the Fairmont Raffles International Hotel, which has given me the opportunity to broaden my professional knowledge in an international environment. I spent in Belarus doing a European Voluntary Service, a year that had a major impact on my life. I am interested in youth work, youth participation, human rights, international relations and communication. I love to travel and discover new places and people, and to create and share new stories.

I am interested in the Eastern European cultures and as I am learning Russian, I am hoping it will allow me to have a deeper understanding of those cultures. The Young European Ambassador's network brings together my main interests of youth work and intercultural communication, and gives us an opportunity to work together with the aim of creating a better future! Despite being from a small town, in , I realised that my voice can actually be heard. Since then, I am actively engaged in both volunteer work and political campaigns. I may still be 17, but I have already planned the rest of my life: to be part of the change that our community is desperately in need of.

I am currently in high school studying foreign languages and mathematics. For this one year I grew up and became aware of what life actually is. Spreading solidarity and open-mindedness outside our borders will not only change many lives, but will also make our world a better place, so here I am, a Young European Ambassador. I have been working as a professional journalist for five years. I take facts, digest them and make them readable and understandable, and after that I broadcast them on the radio.

Earlier in my career, I was a newspaper reporter. In addition to my bachelor's degree in journalism, I also have a degree in psychology. From , I started my volunteering activities in a youth organization, thanks to which I discovered my passion and role in society. As a result, working with young people has become an important part of my life. At the moment, I am a coordinator of national and international volunteers. This allows me to develop myself personally and professionally, and to increase the quality of activities in which I'm involved.

Moreover, traveling has become a part of my life, something I never thought possible. Through these activities, I aim to make a contribution to society, and I am encouraged to do more beautiful things for young people in my country! I love volunteering and I believe it is my super-power, because I strive to be the change that I want to see in this world.

Since , I work as a volunteer-reporter for the news and opportunities platform created by teens for teens - youth. This year, I had the honor to be one of the young deputies at the Youth Parliament, a project developed by the Invento Association. In addition, I am an Ambassador of the social campaign eualegMoldova where we promote active citizenship and a member and changemaker for the global movement MeWeInternational, our aim is to fight corruption through digital storytelling.

Also,I learned more about economics by participating at a Startup School. I am from the beautiful city of Orhei. At the age of 14, I discovered volunteering, and since that moment, I have been helping my community to become better by being an active member of the YouthBank family. My involvement in the work of this organisation has helped me to become more self confident, tolerant and ambitious.

That is how I travelled, improved my English and made lots of friends. Although I aim to work in the field of biochemical engineering, I believe that this network is essential for bonding people and gaining the skills necessary to lead a successful life. I want to work towards these goals, and to do so with other people on the same wave-length: most definitely the YEAs. Currently, I am undertaking an internship in the Defence and Security programme of Transparency International.

During my undergraduate degree, I have spent a semester at Uppsala University, Sweden as part of the Erasmus programme. Since , I have been actively involved in organising the largest conference simulating European politics worldwide, Model European Union Strasbourg, being a Content Officer. I was a Course Representative for my undergraduate degree for two consecutive….

My name is Alisa and I am a young lawyer. In a strange way, my name has always influenced my life, but I'm not Alice in Wonderland. I'm Alice who fights for her dreams every day and believes in the power of the unity. This year I graduated from a Bachelor of Law. Throughout my degree, I performed well academically and was very active in the many facets of university life.

I completed a number of internships around my university campus. It gave me an outlet to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting and, also, sparked my interest in the reconstruction of the Moldovan justice system, the reconstruction that today is directly connected with Moldovan international politics. In Spring , I won 2nd place in the international regional contest "Youth of South-Eastern Europe for the prosperity of the region". Some years…. Since graduating from Tbilisi State University's Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, I have been interested in the political and public issues, especially as they relate to my country.

I have 7 years of experience in various fields, including at NGOs and the private sector as well as public institutions and political organizations, having worked at such organizations as the Tbilisi City Board and various public schools. I had an opportunity to study European political issues, which allowed me to gain a comparative understanding of the Georgian political system as well as to participate in various youth projects…. I am passionate about learning different languages - I now speak five languages and continue to learn new ones. I believe that languages are a superpower, since they affect the way we think and perceive the world around us, enabling a closer and better understanding of different cultures and people.

From to , I was living in Germany, which was a lifechanging experiance for me. I currently study Pscyhotherapy. At the same time I am working in a German company as a Quality Coach, responsible for upholding quality standards at our work space. I deliver training and coaching sessions to my co-workers, in which my theoretical knowledge acquired at university proves very useful. I chose humanities in high school after I gained experience in different national and international competitions International Art Competition "Colocvii eminesciene", Republican Olympics at Universal and Romanian History.

After this, I visited Baku, Azerbaijan, as a member of the Moldovan team. I am fortunate to have lived and studied around the world. These experiences have shaped me into an open-minded individual. I have first-hand benefitted from the EU and thus consider myself a strong EU enthusiast who wishes to share her passion for the EU with others both in Georgia and in the region. I am currently a Senior Area Manager at Business Armenia the former Development Foundation of Armenia , a semi-national foundation that promotes export and investment.

Volunteering has always been a major part of my life, starting from being involved in extracurricular activities during high school and continuing with extracurricular activities in the academic environment. Here I aquired project writing and implementation skills which aim to represent the Moldovan community within Romanian society. Speaking of my interest in education, it is an honour for me to be an active volunteer for Scouting, a global educational youth movement.

Scouting promotes youth empowerment, active citizenship, lifelong values and…. I started my career at the age of 14, when I conducted my first scientific research and participated in the regional literature conference in Donetsk In , I also became a sportswoman in the Rensei Karate Club and between and , I was one of the club's representatives in public sphere All-Ukrainian, international karate competitions - secretariat. From , I have been a member of the "State Builder" project as part of an internship at the Presidential Administration.

I am also a member of the EYC in…. I currently work for an NGO on a project dedicated to urban development. At present, I am working with internally displaced persons, whilst pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Philology and Translation 4th year and writing for the B-East production blog. I am a freelance reporter having published articles in a youth media outlet called "Studway". I am also a social media management intern at the Center for Civic Liberties as wel as a activist promoting youth engagement and volunteering in Cherkasy.

These projects broadened my horizons and benefited my personal growth.

I ave attended many workshops, seminars on leadership, soft skills, non-formal education, youth activism, liberty, etc. Previously, I have also studied in Spain as an Erasmus student. I am a young professional with extensive experience in international relations events and programmes. My other volunteering experience includes being one of the organizers of the Swedish Culture Day in Minsk and Finnish Day in Minsk I want to become a human rights defender. I have a lot of friends from different countries and I love them a lot!

I am a volunteer at Wex International. Being a Young European Ambasador is a huge responsibility since becoming a part of the EU family means a lot for my country and I believe I can contribute to this process, not least by meeting very interesting people and forging strong connections with different communities. I believe that one day we will become a member of the EU and fully understand Eurpean values. I am participating in Political and Social programmes aimed at empowering young people, especially students. I am part of the Student Scientific Society in my faculty.

For now, I am also a Trainer at the Helsinki Citizens Assembly in Vanadzor aimed at training observers for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Armenia. I am currently enrolled at the Erasmus Univesity College in Rotterdam, where my focus lies in all things International affairs. I take pride in doing most of these alone, because I feel that small-scale and face-to-face interactions have the most impact on people's lives. Additionally, this motivated me to start learning the languages and made me an avid mountain climber too. While in Rotterdam, I mostly spend my free time writing articles, doing sport, as a student mentor for incoming refugee students primarily from Syria and Iraq, and attending conferences around security studies and conflict resolution.

I have been a volunteer for the "Princess Margaret of Romania" since , the "Ana si copii" association in , "Terre des Homess" since and Motivation Romania for one year in I have also done a short EVS exchange in Turkey, where I worked with Syrian refugees both kids and adults , and helped them to write their CV and apply for jobs. I also helped to improve their English and prepared them for workshops about security of dates and entrepreneurship. I am an economics student and an active and enthusiastic person living in Kyiv, Ukraine. I have worked in both the Online Marketing and HR fields.

During that experience I was a part of Student Community project in the University Paris 12 about refugee and migrant problems. I enjoy organising and participating in different social projects. I adore European values and it is always an honour for me to represent my homeland abroad, share my vision and be party to a civilised constructive dialogue.

I have a strong interest in international initiatives and art in all of its varieties. I completed a legal internship at the Ario Law Firm. I was a participant of the "Ost-West Netzwerk" summer exchange programme last summer, where I conducted research concerning the role of NGOs in the creation of international law. I have a passion for poetry, having published several poems, organised local poetry readings and visited classes for creative writing organised by LitOsvita.

I am also into sport swimming, tennis, taekwondo, jogging. I am permanently applying for national and global projects currently waiting…. Even though I was moving from one place to another, I was still able to make the most out of my studies and graduate with honours. I truly believe in the EU and its values, and I hope that I can do my part in defending them, by helping others better understand them. I recently graduated in the Hague with a Bachelor's degree in World Politics. My studies were focused on global challenges and on the aspiration of turning into global citizens.

Through my academic experience, I gained intercultural sensitivity and learned that in order to progress we must all learn to work together. My extracurriculur background has always been really active, ranging from theatre and musical performances to public speaking and international conferences. All of these activities have sparked my interest in getting involved with the EU - as I believe it is a step towards cooperation amongst different cultures and of course a step towards becoming a true global citizen.

I always help them to organize different networks and events at the local level. I also implement my own projects because I want to make my country a better place and to contribute to it as much as I can. Whilst studying in the US, I completed more than hours of volunteer work and I received a certificate from the U.

Department of State. I have previously obtained a BA in English philology, with French as a second major. After taking classes in TV and radio journalism at the State Song Theatre of Armenia, I worked as a journalist at 'Panorama AM', one of the country's leading news agencies, covering news on the domestic and foreign policy of Armenia. I worked for a year at the Embassy of Brazil in the Armenian capital.

My educational background, deep interest in European affairs and a study visit to the EU institutions in Brussels in have made me…. I completed my Master studies in the College of Europe in Natolin a month ago and just returned to Armenia. I am preparing to establish my own NGO. In the past, I have volunteered at both sports and entrepreneurship related events. Last year I participated at the Technovation Challenge and I'm proud to say that my team reached the international semifinals.

I am heading the Communications at a VR travel startup, Stories. I have 8 years' volunteering experience at various organisatioins, mainly at Armenian Red Cross where I have led a number of youth projects both at local and international levels. Currently I am the Dean of the Awesome Foundation Yerevan chapter where we fund a number of social and unique projects every month. I have BA in English language and literature and still haven't figured out what I want to do for my Master's degree.

I am very excited to become a Young Ambassador. I believe this is a very interesting and challenging way of having impact at our local communities. I am someone who could never answer the question "who do you want to be" when you grow older. Art and international activities are my two passions.

I spent my entire childhood competing in vocal and dance contests, which also cultivated my need to perform as a leader at school and in life. I accumulated many art awards, became the semi-finalist of the Junior Eurovision contest and finished my professional art career. Devoting myself to leadership was a choice. I entered the Institute of International Relations to study 'International communication'. I have been devoting my soul to art and singing at events in the evenings.

In , I entered the School of International Journalism and became an international journalist at Guildhall. I surveyed Russian disinformation in Canada, made YouTube programmes…. During 3 years of my studying I have recognized that it is really my speciality but if you want to be good in future profession you should use opportunities outside the university. Now I am volunteer in two organization. One of them work in field of social inclusion Institute of Ukrainian Studies. I hope that our work like Young European Ambassador has big influence on developing of our country and strengthen good relations between Ukraine and EU.

Having spent the past years studying in various countries in Europe, I have benefited greatly from the EU and learned a lot about other cultures and my own. Beyond this, I want to be an advocate for the emancipation of young voters, especially in sight of the upcoming European elections. Being of German heritage, I treasure the EU not just for its single market and free movement, but more than anything for creating a peaceful union of peoples.

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In order to preserve this for future generations, it is crucial that we, especially the younger generations, all get involved by voting, promoting its values and working together actively on its progress. I am currently working as an EU public affairs consultant in Brussels. Being of Polish and Latvian origin, I have always been a strong advocate of the EU forging closer ties with the Eastern Partner countries, as I believe both sides have much to gain from cooperating and communicating better with each other. Working for the network allowed me to travel extensively across the region and gain first-hand experience of local youth activitism, as well the social and political context of each country.

My interest in the region is also largely reflected in…. My name is Anton, and here is my story. I was always fascinated by how people unite around something be it fear, hope, joy, or justice etc. This fascination guides me till today. I never miss a chance to join youth organizations e. At the same time I acknowledge the importance of international unity and solidarity.

Without doubt the best example and paragon of such unity is the European Union. As a Robert Schuman Trainee in the European Parliament, I had the honour and unique opportunity to observe how 28 European nations work together for the greater good. My student reports were mainly devoted to foreign trade, economic security and the Eurasian Economic Union. I am currently working at EY in Minsk Advisory services.

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Besides developing specialized software so called bots for audit procedures, my responsibilities include mentoring interns, communicating with staff from other departments and preparing presentations. I am a 4th-year student at the Belarusian State University majoring in sociology. I write about youth, crime and drug consumption. The reason I have chosen to specialise in this field is that since I was a child, I've always wondered how different socio-cultural, politial and economic phenomena work at the grassroots level in different societies.

I am involved in the YEAs' initiative for the 2nd year and it's a great pleasure for me to be a part of it, as it allows me to learn new things, exchange experience and gain skills. The most important thing I've learned is how to have a great social impact in my local community and make peoples' lives better. I am a high school student from Avshar Secondary school, intern at the Institute of Molecular Biology. I work in the IT industry, developing my startup, various social initiatives and volunteering when I have time.

I've been to more then 25 countries, working, mentoring and leading different projects. I have developed business skills, having owned a business and worked in international trade promoting Ukrainian export goods all over the world. I love both diplomacy and politics and all kinds of art. One of my favorite things in the world is the mixture of culturs and prespectives.

Formerly I've been involved in different volunteering programs short-term and long-term , but this is a unique opportunity for me to get involved in activities that will be useful both for me and my country as well as comunicate with active young people around the world. I work in Armenian State university of Economics Gyumri branch, as an international relations specialist and a lecturer.

During my prior experience, I have taken part in various trainings, exchange projects and programmes. I am a young enthusiast, who adores traveling the world, discovering new things, "eating" cultures of the world, making friends. Being a Young European Ambassador is an amazing opportunity for me to focus my efforts to the improvement and creation a beautiful world for us!!!

I am a high-school student, aiming to study International Law or International Relations at university. My social activities started recently through my participation in the "Successful country" project at beginning of the summer. Following this project, I participated in many other projects, like "Have think", some youth exchanges, MUN similation and forums, among which my favourite has been the Personal Democracy Forum.

I am a postgraduate student at the College of Europe, Natolin Poland. Previously, I worked as a consultant in external relations and European integration at the Competition Council of the Republic of Moldova. I worked as a trainee in the Romanian and Moldovan governments and completed internships at the diplomatic missions of Romania and Republic of Moldova to the United Nations Office in Vienna, Austria. I am interested in multilateral diplomacy, EU foreign policy, external democratization, EU-Russia relations and civil society in the Eastern Partnership region.

I studied at the Horlivka Institute for Foreign Languages. Due to the ongling war, I moved to Slovyansk. I won many of the contests in which I participated at the university. I am also one of 20 finalists of the World Youth Essay Competition. I am Hungarian and a final year undergraduate studying International Relations. My current research topic is about US-Russian relations, particularly in the field of nuclear non-proliferation. Moreover, I am engaged in musical composition as a secondary profession.

I would like to study International Relations. Aside from my formal education, I am also involved in extra-curricular activities. I am actively involved in the organizational process and support the successful implementation of trainings. I often take part in innovation camps, youth forums, debate championships, European Youth Parliament Georgia and also conferences and projects organized by the British Council in Georgia. I believe I have a sense of responsibility, warrior spirit and possess leadership skills and flexibility, and according to many of my friends, I have a good team spirit.

Gandhi is my favorite quote and my motivation to be actively involved in youth affairs. Born in Athens, I have been volunteering since as a youth worker in a Greek youth organization called "Youthnet Hellas". As part of this organisation, we run many non-formal educational workshops in different fields. I also participated in the Greek representation of the European Youth Congress that took place in Gdansk in I would describe myself as an enthusiastic, self-motivated, and hardworking individual always seeking for opportunities to develop my skills and broaden my knowledge.

My experiences as an undergraduate teaching…. So far I have volunteered in various organisations and events in the field of culture, education, environment and sport. Moreover, İ am an active member of the Common-Sense youth organisation where my main responsibility includes managing international cooperation and assisting the coordination and adaptation of members.

I am a socially active person who always try to take advantage of different opportunities. I have participated in a number of conferences, forums and trainings. I am currently involved in the Youth Ambassadors' programme launched by the Azerbaijani umbrella youth organisation Nayora. Thanks to it, I have been a part of various trainings and meetings. I also participated at the edition of Euroschool, which was a great experience for me.

I work as an events coordinator at International Relations department. I also participated in various forums and trainings. I also had the great opportunity to experience an interactive learning environment through my participation in the edition of EuroSchool. For me, discovering new opportunity and properly analyzing different situations are the main priorities in the life of every young person. I am also in the process of establishing the Young Opole Foundation. I am currently studying law at Tbilisi State University and I am really passionate about youth work and volunteerism.

I started volunteering at the age of 14 and since then I have participated in various projects, including the Advancing National Integration ANI project of the United Nations Association of Georgia UNAG which created a free and open space in 13 cities around Georgia for youngsters to learn and practice civic activism. I speak English and I am also studying German and Russian at the moment.

For me becoming a YEA is very important as it gives me the opportunity to cooperate with young people from all over Europe in order to raise awareness about Europe and its values in our societies. I am a French young professional with Bosnian roots who would define herself as European. I have also done several internships in the Balkans and won two EU-organised competitions that allowed me to do an internship at the European Commission.

A turning point for me was my year as a College of Europe student in Natolin, where I learnt more about the ENP and had the chance to take part in study visits in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. My interest in the Eastern Partnership deepened during the two years I spent working on cultural and educational cooperation at the French Embassy in Belarus and during my first year as a YEA. I am currently a civil servant in training, hoping to become a diplomat.

Since , I am actively engaged in civic activitism. In , I founded the League of Young Diplomats, which became one of the largest and most active youth organizations in Georgia. We carried out a lot of youth projects relying on the help of volunteers and brought together a thousand young people from the entire country around the idea of civic activism and volunteering. Thanks to this fundings, we implemented projects in almost every part of Georgia, achieved important and reasonable results in terms of activating local youth and engaging them in civic activities. My research interest is primarly concentrated on the collective security system, the institutionalisation of security and the reform of the United Nations.

Prior to completing my Master's programme in international relations, I won the award for producing the best research of the year and managed to organise numerous conferences on international security with the participation of the former president of Poland at my department. My commitment to the organisation of Warsaw Security Forum was recognised by the Organising Committee. I am also interested in youth empowerment, Polish-Ukrainian relations, civil society and democracy in post-socialist countries.

I am a youth worker and facilitator. I work as a mediator between artists intercultural representatives and the public, a teacher for different youth and children programmes PinchukArtCenter, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Art-project Kraski. I'm also at the Abramovich Institute, working on a project called "Generator" as a facilitator. Improving communication with foreigners is my second profession. I have delivered training courses about topics such as youth leadership, creativity, personal development, conflict management and youth participation.

I worked as Art-teacher, facilitator and coordinator at Ohra Organization. I coordinated educational special events, conducting group activities, creating, implementing and developing various thematic lessons utilizing age-appropriate material and focusing on relevant topics. I have substantial experience with youth projects that I can share with pleasure. I started volunteering in my community in as a member of the Local Youth Council. I discovered the EU mainly various youth projects, which I loved being involved in. During my master studies, I developed a particular interest towards research, participating as a panelist in many conferences and contributing to different academic publications.

All of these experiences broadened my horizons and help to define the path of my professional development. For me, the YEAs' initiative represents an amazing opportunity to combine two of my favourite activities: 1 youth development and…. I'm an active soul in search of the incredible.

Hammad Safi With china ambassador lijian zhao

I care about my community, therefore, at the age of 15, I started getting involved at the local level, including by volunteering at Youth Resource Center in my town. Now, I'm studying in Warsaw and I'm a member of a project operated by the Kasimir Pulaski Foundation as well as a member of the Young Diplomats student society. I'm extremely interested in languages and international security, evidenced by my fluency in five languages, my affiliation to the "Women in International Security" organisation and my involvement in the Warsaw Security Forum and CyberSec Forum in Krakow. Having participated in various national and international conferences, workshops, seminars, I find myself more motivated to work on the prosperity of tomorrow's future, the goal which I believe can be achieved through the power of youth!

During my bachelor's studies I volunteered in local organizations, being especially involved with youth and active citizenship at Agora Aveiro Portugal , where I managed some projects. I was also also active in public discussions on the local level.

I took part in multiple European mobility programmes and travelled around, which made me see beyond borders and differences. I dream of a fair Europe, that cares about the environment, empowers people and cooperates through common policies. I am a student of political science and sociology. As a child from a city that used to be split into to, with grandparents that survived the war and a father that was part of the 68er revolution in Germany, my urge for political engagement and to promote diversity and a peaceful Europe was set pretty early on.

I initiated intercultural projects for German students to connect with our Syrian friends that fled from war and since then I fight for more solidarity and humanitarian politics in the EU. Besides, I believe that we cannot just watch the old folks doing politics, but have to make our voices heard!

I strongly believe in youth empowerment, because if we all create small changes around the world, we create a bigger change for a more sustainable, democratic, social just future. Think big, act bigger! I am a final year high-school student. In my free time I do volunteering work and really enjoy travelling. At my previous school, I was head of the class council where we often organized different activities for lower grade students e.

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I took summer diplomacy school courses in To me, the EU is all about freedom, security, peace and Justice. I speak four languages. I have been a successful participant and winner of many local English Language Olympiads. I conduct workshops and raise awareness in my community about the sustainable use of natural resources, respect for cultural diversity and human rights. I also develop and implement staff development programmes, training schedules for new volunteers, as well as, appropriate tools and methods to operate strong teams.

I was born and lived in the north of the Republic of Moldova until I finished school, where I had some extracurricular activities related to economic education. During university, I started to volunteer in Chisinau, was later a volunteer in France through EVS and also participated in other international projects.

During that time, I came to truly understand how important peace and mutual understanding between countries is when it comes to making the world a better place and that we can reach greater results by working together. After two years of working abroad in construction, I decided to come back and work in the youth sector, motivated by my ambition and belief to improve the lives of young people and their access to opportunities.

Over the past two and a half years in the youth sector, I've participating in formulation of the National Labour Strategy of Moldova and the National Strategy for Combating Gender-Based Violence, representing the youth sector. I have been coordinating between 15 and volunteers, managing various research activities and promoting the participation of young people in the pooling and social monitoring tool, "U-Report".

My hard work has allowed me to become a member of the expert group on membership, diversity, and inclusion at the European Youth Forum. I joined the YEAs' initiative in , and since then I am part of the team of young people promoting European values, opportunities, and future.

I am a child of the world, a passionate traveller and a career woman. As an international student, I benefited from an exchange programme in Hungary, funded by the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie. When I was a child, I dreamt of a strong Ukrainian state Now my desire is to keep this idea alive and try to implement it. As such, upon entering university, I chose to major in political science and established an NGO focusing on environmental issues.

The third step is coming soon! I'm a 12th grader at Azizkendi Public School in Marneuli. I want to study Business Adminstration at Tbilisi State University and if I get the chance, I would like to continue my education abroad. I am the most active girl in my community. I have strong leadership, analytical, communication and negotiating skills. As a member of an ethnic minority in Georgia, my mother tongue is Azerbaijani, but I also speak Georgian, Turkish, English and a little bit of Russian.

I'm involved in different activities, including serving as President of Girl Up Marneuli. Girl Up is UN founded global movement for gender equality. I organize interesting activities, including seminars and trainings in cooperation with the club's vice president and members. In …. Currently, I lead a very active student life, which involves learning few languages, being part of Debate Club as mentor and debater and constatly participating in multiple tournaments, as well as being part of European Youth Pairlament and a delegate to multiple sessions.

I am also a member of the Board of Directors of the NGO "Heavens" and as such, have participated in a number of charity and volunteering projects. I am a student at the Armenian State University of Economics. Working with a number of different organizations, I have developed organizational and communication skills which helped me a lot. I hope that this opportunity will be a platform to meet with international and local youth to broaden my horizons and deepen my knowledge.

I have participated in different training courses on community development, youth involvement, inclusive educational and peaceful conflict resolution, volunteerism and media literacy, and developed my global and intercultural competencies in Finland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Georgia, the USA and Tanzania.

I am a Ukrainian independent entrepreneur and travel blogger. I have studied both technical and humanities subjects. I am fond of the work I do and love my country very much. I am also a participant of Konrad Adenauer Foundation's fellowship programme. Finally, I lead an English speaking club at my university. For the past year, I have worked with youth and for youth. Furthermore, I am an orginizer and participant of national and international youth projects as well as the founder of the telegram channel "Smartest Youth Ukraine - opportunities for all.

I am currently studying a combination of sociology, media, and politics in Germany and thus enjoying the privilege of living anywhere within the EU while experiencing new cultures daily. I have tried being as active as possible in the past whilst doing internships in the fields of environment and media, volunteering in the institution "Include" whose aim is promote the inclusion of children with special needs via education and help them to participate in as many civic youth programmes as I could.

All those impulses have definitely made a great impact on me and on my perception of the world. I would really like to urge more people to experience this. For that reason, I chose to join the YEA's initiative: because if youth is informed about opportunities such as studying abroad, participating in programmes, volunteering, etc, then the chance of us making a greater impact is significantly higher and the contribution of youth in shaping our future more realistic. I am a member of the Lviv Student Council. I have been working on issues of youth activism, political participation and mainstreaming.

Passionate about storytelling for a social change, I am a communications professional and freelance photographer currently supporting the communications of the European Endowment for Democracy. I have been involved in a variety of projects on topics such as identity, migration, journalism and active citizenship, including a photo residency in Paris. As a photographer I developed several series across the Europe with a focus on the East, seeking small stories that tell more about the whole and investigating the life of different communities.

I am also a photographer at Orange Magazine. As I have always had a great passion for the Eastern Partnership countries, I am honoured to join the Young European Ambassadors project. I am a Youth Worker in Armenia. I help young people to reach their goals and educational aspirations through non-formal education, active civil participation and engagement.

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I am fond of languages and in my spare time I also deliver private language courses of English, Arabic and sometimes Hebrew. I am passionate about youth work. I do care about education and recognition of Youth Workers, youth participation and creating inclusive society. I am fond of intercultural relations and traveling for exploring more about myself and the wonderful world surrounding me. Furthermore, I have experience in the tourism sector. In addition to my professional experience I have been involved in different volunteering programs e.

I am a young professional in the field of energy law. In addition to working, I currently spend a lot of my time working on my thesis on international investment governance in order to obtain my MA in the field of International Political Economy. Outside academia, I have been involved in political simulations, such as MUN and MEP, and in youth organisations dealing with education in the field of citizenship and political participation.

Moreover, I have enjoyed the privilege of being able to participate in various international youth events. I would consider myself critically pro-European and I look forward to contributing to the Young European Ambassadors' scheme. I started my volunteering activities in , as a photographer at a local online portal called orasulmeu. In the meantime, I became a volunteer at the Pupils' Union of Moldova, and I am now the general president of the organisation.

Since , I have also participated at the WaveWeekMoldova summer programme, where, as part of a team, I developed my own volunteering project in the field of ecology. In addition to these main activities, I volunteer from time-to-time at local and international social gatherings and events. I aspire to become an international lawyer and am taking classes at my university for personnel management.

From Country to Country: An Agricultural Ambassador Abroad | Charles I. Garver

At my university, I help to organize various events. Together with a classmate of mine, we have launched a series of events in which we talk about human rights in an informal setting. I participated in Erga Omnes: competition on the law of the Council of Europe, where I took 1st place. I also often attend open lectures and workshops in the city and webinars that deal with topics of gender, leadership, human rights law, international law and European law. It allowed me to gain experience in volunteering, diplomacy and leadership. I have an immense desire to work towards solving regional and global problems.

Ever since my graduation from Minsk Linguistic University, I have been working as a teacher of English at a school in my home town. As an educator, I am striving to enhance my expertise and engage more young people to bring out positive change in our community. I studied marketing at the Belarusian State University of Informatics and had little knowlegde of the EU and what it means before The next step was to participate in a dedicated learning course about Europe, which I successfully completed, now having the honour to be part of the tutor team for its next edtition.

I'm very happy to become a part of Young European Ambassadors initiative in my native country! My scientific and practical interests are connected with the role of international organizations in security and human rights protection. I am currently working as Press Secretary at the Belarusian Fund of Peace — one of the largest public charity organizations. In and I was a participant of a student cultural exchange program in the USA.

In , I participated in a student conference in Latvia, dedicated to the sustainable development of communities organized by the Baltic University. I am now working as a Project Manager in game development, feeling lucky that I've become a Young European Ambassador. My interest for entrepreneurship is fast to spot, being one of the founders of the EnDGas and Oriento start-ups. I am also active in such areas as photography and social media; being a photographer in many events and social media manager in movements such as "Stand Up For Europe" and "Volt". Starting with a Moldovan government scholarship in highschool, moving on two bachelor degrees and ending with a Korean government scholarship to pursue my master's, I have faced challenges that have catalyzed my interest in growth and social awareness.

All of these experiences are in line with my philosophy of cooperation and kindness. As a Young European Ambassador, I am honored to connect with future leaders who are ready to act with integrity towards building a safer enviornment. I am currently working as a leading specialist and secretary of the department of commerce at an electric power field company, drafting company policies and agreements.

I am also a long-term election observer at the Georgian Young Lawyers' Association. I am here because I believe that beyond the colour-coded passports, from East to West, North to South, Europeans share the same values. I study international relations at Lviv National University at the moment. I am now happy to have become YEA, because it will give me an opportunity to help and learn at the same time, which is a big part of my value system. I am organizing events in more than 10 countries. I strongly believe that being a Young European Ambassador can be a new source of opportunities and will help us to build a better environment for a brighter future.

I regularly share my opinion on economic issues from my personal blog, www. Senate MUSS in and I am currently studying at the same academy for my MA degree. In , I did an internship at the Parliament of Azerbaijan. In , I gained volunteering experience in Baku in After that, I was one of 10 who got the chance to take place in a conference in Tbilisi.

During the third edition of EuroSchool which took place in Shabran, Azerbaijan, I got the opportunity to participate in several interactive learning sessions and social activities to learn more about the EU, its economy, energy policy, history and also about its partnership with Azerbaijan. I have been involved in youth projects as regional coordinator in an organization promoting equal opportunities in higher education Article 1 which provides an online platform for discussions and events.

Indeed, I am open-minded and truly eager to learn from people from other horizons by discussing and sharing experience. Born in Rome, my passion for travelling and discovering different cultures started during secondary school. Also, I decided to extend my stay in Paris because I found an internship in the startup "Love Your Waste", which fights food waste. I won a startup competition organized by the University of Roma 3: we developed an app, Monugram, that aims to valorize the cultural heritage.

In addition, I simply love music, sport and all the little things that include sharing and meeting. We hold different projects including a Debates Academy to help young people improve their skills in the related field. Teaching young people from all over Georgia about different topics including: goal-setting, project management and leadership.

Moreover, I am a member of the FLEX alumni network, through which I participate in different activities including clean-up activities around the country. In addition, when I was in the United States from my exchange year, I volunteered for hours in a library helping staff to collect books and to negotiate with other libraries. I received a certificate of appreciation from the U. S Department of State at the end of the programme in ….

After graduating with honours from a public school for the blind in Tbilisi, I went to the U. There I first experienced volunteering. I tutored several blind children in elementary school. I also participated in Erasmus Plus youth seminars 3 times. Whilst studying I wrote and contributed to a couple of research items both as a student and disabled rights…. I graduated from Nikozi Public School, a borderline village in the Tskhinvali region. I am currently a junior student at the International Black Sea University IBSU , pursuing a degree in international relations and economy with a full scholarship.

My interests in extra-curricular activities trace back to my high school period, when I was involved in various forums, debates, conferences, simulations, intellectual or cultural competitions and volunteering. I was a winner in a number of scientific conferences and public speaking competitions. Furthermore, I was a project manager at the "Proactive Group Georgia" NGO aimed at promoting youth empowerment, an active civil society and generally non-formal education. Last year I became a part of the YEAs' family, so I had the great chance to cooperate with youngsters to inform them about EU values and opportunities.

I particiated in several short…. I think that the real connection between people and nations is made by culture, and especially through art. Now, the most popular types of art are music and film. I'm a film producer and director. Also, I have a lot of experience in working with young artists and promoting their art. My goal is to film real people with real stories but in a universal way, to try and make people more connected spiritually.

My academic backround is based on political science. During my academic years in Azerbaijan I worked with Dalga Wave Youth Movement and was part of many projects in the field of human rights, democracy and other political and social issues. Moving from member to Chairman , I have been representing the movement in local and international events and actively participating in civil society issues advocating for youth empowerment. I also worked with local and international organizations to develop projects about human rights, democracy, gender, and tolerance. I am currently also working at a Swedish organisation focused on women's rights and multiculturalism.

I was raised in a very rural area near Hamburg. In 11th grade I went abroad, to live and study for a year in Argentina. After finishing secondary school I moved to Bonn for my studies of political science and communications. I have always been interested in politics and social topics. For that reason there was no doubt I would study social sciences and for that same reason, I started volunteering for Amnesty International in After a semester abroad at the University of Toronto, I started working part time at an agency for civic participation.

At its core, civic participation is about creating dialogue, which I believe that dialog is key in fostering an integrated society. For I hope to finish my undergraduate degree and become involved in the YEAs' network as a way to foster dialogue between young folks from European Union and those from the Eastern Neighbourhood. I obtained a B. Alongside my studies and professional endeavors, I take part in numerous local and international events. I am currently volunteering in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

From an early age, I have been passionate about studying foreign languages and diplomacy. When the moment came to choose my university, I knew it had to be in another country and thus I chose Austria, while at the same time continuing long-distance learning at the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova. My studies in Austria taught me the specificities of intercultural communication and led me to continue my path abroad by applying to the College of Europe in Bruges and being selected for the European Neighbourhood scholarship.

In the meanwhile, I helped some of my friends organize a big charity concert with the release of more than Chinese lanterns in the spirit of hope. My volunteering experience started in when I organized a conference at my University aimed at promoting entrepreneurship. Later on, through different organizations, I participated in more than events as a volunteer and I managed to organize more than 70 voluntary actions for different social groups in need.

At Labyrinth of Senses we create tailor made programs in order to raise awareness on a lot of social issues like equal human rights, disability, diversity, inclusion and love. My goal in life is to travel around the world and apply…. I am an Intern at the Embassy of Georgia to Italy. Previously, I was part of the 'civitas Georgica' - an organization covering social topics, such as active citizenship, democracy promotion and peacebuilding.

I was first a participant in a project called 'Together with children's rights and democracy'. Following that, I worked as a trainer with Armenian and Azerbaijani minorities in Georgia as part of a summer school. In Poland, I volunteered in the "Bridge to Georgia" organisation, through which we promoted Georgian culture and a specific approach to conflict resolution in the context of the Georgian-Russian conflict in Abkhazia and South-Ossetia. Our goal is to help them get involved in Armenian society. My identity has been strongly shaped by my surroundings: born in Ukraine, raised in Armenia, and currently living in France has allowed me to strengthen my ties to the European continent and civilization.

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