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When Rear Admiral Daniel Lindorm discovers that his wife has left him, he gives chase. Aristocratic Daniel loves his luscious bride. BBW fairy and dragoness Angie adores her dragon husband. But sculptress Angie is weary of waiting for her naval officer to return from his missions. Can Mystic Bay give this shipwrecked marriage a second chance? Passion burns hot between Daniel and Angie. And there is plenty of sensual magic to go around. Can the transcendental bond between these two fated mates heal the mistakes of the past?

He is every bit as handsome, courageous, noble, and imperious as any of his cousins. You will cheer Angie on as she uses every wile in a full spell box to save her marriage and woo her dragon, while the usual varied cast of paranormal characters from enchanting Mystic Bay play matchmaker. Adored by a Dragon is a full-length, standalone Paranormal Romance and romantic comedy.

Samantha: I am a unicorn, a sedate, reserved healer. What brain glitch made me think a fierce, warlike phoenix was my soul mate? Rafael: Curvy Samantha may have run from me, but she will always be mine. How can I persuade a high-strung unicorn to fulfill her destiny as my mighty phoenix bride?

A betrayed unicorn. An amnesiac phoenix with PTSD. Their high-spirited, mischievous love child. A magical island where the paranormal is normal. Can Mystic Bay transform these fated mates into a happy family? Gentle BBW unicorn Samantha must find the fortitude to forgive her fierce lover. Alpha male phoenix shifter Rafael must open his shattered heart to love.

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Join matchmakers Robin and Sully in another feel-good romantic romp as they snare these two in a love trap. Fated for the Phoenix is a full-length, standalone Paranormal Romance and romantic comedy. What kind of bear takes his pregnant bride to honeymoon in a log cabin with no electricity?

The kind who found boot camp relaxing. Friends to lovers. But out of the blue, everything changes. Now plus-sized Zoe is having a baby by the wrong man. Alpha male Mitchell has just resigned from the Marines. He wants all the trappings of civilian life.

A wife and cub seem like a fine bargain to this protective bear.

Free eBooks! - Paranormal Romance Lovers

Plus if he marries Zoe, he gets the family cottage as a bonus. A fast marriage, a hot night of passion, the honeymoon from hell. Bedded by the Bear is a full-length romantic comedy. Curvy mer-princess Justine knows her fling with hunky werewolf Drew is destined to be brief. That means marrying a wolf or a woman he can transform into one. Living in tiny Mystic Bay and marrying a mer-woman is a no go.

But when Violet discovers its master is a vampire—a gorgeous, decadent vampire with an appetite for blood—she runs. However, the New Orleans of the past is not the one Violet knows. As Violet struggles to stay alive, she believes all hope is lost. The Date In Carlington, a parallel universe, where shape-shifters and other magical creatures co-exist among humans, there is Camera operator Lexie King has a good Toggle navigation. October 17, August 12, , Romance , historical romance , new orleans , paranormal romance , time travel romance , 0. Rose Wynters. Take a walk on the dark side:- I love interacting with readers.

No matter how much money, political alliances, or land there would be to gain. The rest of the men were somewhere inside, enjoying female companionship. His father would be found downstairs, entertaining their host. Henry was a faithful and devoted husband, never straying from his marriage Or his faith. It was because of those principles he was so widely respected, his reputation known far and wide. The maid went to the door and stopped.

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She turned back to him, giving him one last, sultry look. Her eyes were full of invitation, with an edge that Ian didn't quite trust. Ian shook his head, tired of her persistence. So many women Their faces and bodies blurred in his memory, none of them standing out in his thoughts. Sex had always come easy to him, consisting of a physical response but nothing more.

At twenty-eight, he was already jaded And very set in his ways. Grabbing a pouch off of the table, he flipped a gold coin in her direction. The maid didn't move immediately, her eyes narrowing in anger as she stared at him. No words left her mouth, not that he had expected them to. A woman in her position could very well be turned out into the cold for complaining over a tupping she'd all but begged for Especially, when it concerned gentry.

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After a moment, she pulled the heavy wooden door open and left. Ian topped his glass off with the last of the wine in the decanter, all but sighing in relief at her departure. All that, and the sex really hadn't been that good. His thoughts turned back to more pressing matters. The upcoming battle would be ferocious as two armies faced off for one man's right to rule England. It would be a fight to the death, winner take all.

He felt a moment of sadness for the lives that would be lost the following day, but there was no way around it. War was a way of life for all of them As was death. A wise man would be finding his bed, alone. Ian would too, if not for the restless energy coursing through him. He knew from past experience that sleep wouldn't come easily until he rid himself of it, and there was only one way to do that. Luckily for him, the castle was full of maids interested in bed sport.

His mother's face swam before his eyes, her blue eyes wide and filled with tears.

Alpha's Temptation A Billionaire Werewolf Audiobook

His mother had a ruddy complexion, with long, strawberry-blonde hair that she always wore up. Normally calm and contained, she'd been insistent, nearly hysterical as she demanded that they not go to war. She'd had a vision, a vision that one of them wouldn't return should they stay on the path they were on. His father had been torn. Loyalty to his country demanded he fulfill his duties, but loyalty to his wife demanded he consider her concerns. In the end, none of them had a choice. Had they abandoned their mission, they would have been considered deserters and punished. In his mind, that would have been a fate worse than death.

In the end, they rode out, his mother collapsing on the ground as she watched them ride away. The look of horror and defeat on her face haunted him, as he was sure it haunted his father, as well. All of them felt a sense of unease.


Something was wrong, but none of them could place it. He sighed, swallowing the rest of the wine. He wondered where the next maid was, and why it was taking so long. The others had all but fell in the door at their turn. The room spun, but Ian could have cared less. Standing up, he pulled on a robe left for him earlier that evening and padded unsteadily to the heavy door. He'd rejoin the men still remaining in the main hall, knowing that the ladies of the keep would have long since found their bedchambers.

(BBW/Cougar shifter Romance)

At this hour, it would have been unseemly for them to remain, especially with a contingent of men present. The maids and lower-class women of the keep were a completely different story. Earthier, and unrestrained by any social standings, they often looked forward to the times when visitors came. It was the same at their castle as well. A contingent of soldiers guaranteed new sensual pleasures that broke the monotony of their staid, everyday lives.

Come morning, there would be many a heavy lid. Ian closed the door behind him and moved drunkenly up against the wall. The hallway was extremely dark, the torches unlit. A cold draft moved through the hallway, the stone floor cold underneath his feet. He moved forward. The castle was large, but he was certain he'd find his way.

A lone window sat at the end of the hallway, the light of the moonlight wan as it passed through the opening. He walked to it unsteadily, spinning around as a door shut softly. The depths of the hallway was black behind him, the floor seemingly disappearing into nothingness. The darkness appeared evil to him, the silence unnatural.

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He remained still, his body tense as several seconds ticked by. He'd left his sword in his room, never expecting to feel the need for it within the confines of the castle walls. Staring into the darkness he waited for someone to respond. After another moment, he released a pent up breath. The superstitious nature of those around him was beginning to wear off on him.

It was likely one of the castle maidens, living dangerously by peeking out her door to watch him.