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If your not then I'd give it a wide berth. DjfunkmasterG 8 April There are all types of films I love, from Sergio Leone classics to the Lloyd Kaufmann Troma flicks of years past and present. Hell, as an indie filmmaker myself it is always nice to turn to indie genre cinema to see what the low budget guys are churning out because in the plethora of these films a few gems stick out from time to time HOBO is one of those gems. Hollywood as watered us down year after year with sequels, remakes, and just plain garbage, and the true visceral hardcore cinema us Generations X-er's grew up on has been long gone, unless you're a gen x-er who dabbles in independent filmmaking.

HOBO, the new feature film based upon the Canadian Faux Grindhouse trailer attached to the Canadian prints of Grindhouse is now making waves left and right around the world. Rutger Hauer, in top form, is a homeless man who strolls on into to Hope Town, a crime ridden haven that would most likely be compared to Hell on Earth.

HOBO, goes completely over the top, and I mean completely over. It crosses plenty of boundaries that have made people stand-up and cheer, or jeer depending on your particular stance on the subject matter at hand. Is HOBO a social commentary on today's world I didn't go into HOBO expecting some type of commentary, I went into it hoping for some entertainment and it delivered.

The film does have some moments that most people would immediately criticize as shoddy filmmaking, but they in fact add to the indie nature of the film. A couple of times I did see some fundamental filmmaking rules broken, but my response to that is I kid you not. For any person who has been fed up with the day to day life of crime and other issues in their world, HOBO helps you feel like you got the revenge you have so wanted but are unable to act upon because in reality HOBO is definitely not for the faint of heart.

So those with weak stomach's should seriously avoid this film So from one indie filmmaker to another Just because a movie is a grindhouse tribute that is what we're going for here right? Sure, it can be cheesy, it can be sleazy, it can and should be downright disgusting at times. The one thing it must be is entertaining, and HWAS just is not. It's a humorless blood-fest with a script that barely exists. It's what happens when people take the "Grindhouse" trailers too seriously. It's unendurable for 87 minutes unless your idea of an action movie is a nonstop video game, with all the realism and heart that goes with it.

William Flew Science Short Stories

It's really a shame Rutger Hauer got corralled into this crap-fest, because you can tell in many scenes that he's desperately trying to construct a character where one just doesn't exist. He's really the only light here. The trio of villains are so lame they need to shout and scream laughter constantly to get across that they're "bad-ass. The defenders of this "film" constantly respond to all argument against it with something like: "it's supposed to be offensive, it's supposed to be stupid, it's supposed to look like crap Is it supposed to be incoherent as well?

Again, my problem with this film is its lack of quality. There's a scene where a villain, after torching a bus load of school kids with a flamethrower brutal satire, eh? OK, so now we're in the realm of scifi-fantasy too? HWAS has no idea what it wants to do and fails at everything it tries to do. If you want amusing tongue in cheek satire that's not badly made, rent a Troma release, if you want bloody fun, go Tarantino, Rodriguez, or Corman.

But if something as nihilistically grim and pointless as HWAS can only get your rocks off, see a shrink and fast. This film actually exceeded my expectations as it captured the essence of exploitation films in every way, such as the Technicolor. The grittiness, the violence, and some of the dialogue all fit in this film very well.

Since this type of film is not to be taken seriously, it's hard to actually pinpoint some of it's problems.

There was some over the top silliness in the film look at the board to see why that made me shake my head a little. Kind of a 'what's the point of this'? Other than that, this film is perfect for people who don't take movies seriously, which is more than I can say for some people on this board complaining that this movie shouldn't be bad for bad sakes. What else would you expect from a movie called "Hobo with a Shotgun"?

The filmmakers of this movie in my opinion have created their own genre, kind of like Metallica did with Thrash Metal Thrashploitation, maybe? Hopefully we can see a trend going on with this genre because with constant CGI and Hollywood formula, it's nice to see a movie that is really "different".

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I thought the crew could have made this movie a bit better, but it's their first feature. I hope the filmmakers go on the comment section of this movie and read what they could do to improve their filmmaking, as they should progress their talents further. I have no clue how they are going to do the same without Rutger Hauer or the Grindhouse backing, but I am looking forward to seeing their next film. MoffatLP 6 April I watched the trailer to this movie and thought, WOW! This has to be an absolute gore feast, and yes, it was.

This movie was awesome. It was fun, funny, and above all, gory. You are sure to have fun with this movie, if you want to have a good time with a movie, check it out. It is sure to be a lovable movie for all ages and by that I mean mature-male audiences. I watched the unrated trailer and it pretty much sums up the movie. I really enjoyed listening to the soundtrack to this movie, it fit the time of emotion, from feeling sad, crazy action, lots of gore or even watching the hobo on a train in the opening credits.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the plot played out well throughout the movie. To like this movie, you can't be offended by extreme violence, and lots of gore. May I also warn you that there are some disturbing scenes in this. It was a funny movie and plot-wise it was pretty odd. It wasn't all I expected, wondering how they could make a movie about a hobo running around clearing the streets of crime with his shotgun, to think about this you don't really think that much dialogue could be achieved, but they succeeded pretty well.

It was very entertaining and good as an all-around movie. If you like action, thrillers, or just want to have a good time, see this movie and you will certainly get what you paid for. It shows a good feeling of hatred toward the bad guys, who you really hate. In some movies they try to make you feel like you don't like them, but this one did a good job at that.

All-in-all it was good in it's own strange way unexplainable by words. Watch it, if you can get by the excessive violence, like having a good time or like action, go to the movies, or you can even wait for it's release on DVD, it will be a great movie either way. Rutger Hauer is great as the Hobo with a shotgun, but there are two movies at battle here.

One is a gritty exploitation film about a man pushed beyond his limit and a Troma movie complete with horribly over the top performances, topless girls engaged in tired acts of ultra-violence, and many freezer size bags of fake cocaine. Hobo With A Shotgun is just too Troma, which is not a great surprise given that just like Troma movies it is a copy of the real thing. It's a shame that Rutger Hauer was making one movie, which was pitch perfect, while the others involved seemed to be making another far less interesting one.

I was a little put off by the title and synopsis of this movie, but after seeing that it is rated pretty highly by viewers and critics, I decided to give it a try. I was astonished at how bad this movie is. It is bad on so many levels it is hard to adequately describe. It is enough to destroy my confidence in the movie rating systems. The acting is pitiful, below the level of a high school play. The storyline is beyond my imagination. The props look fake, like extremely low budget. Details in the film are incredible, for example, a girl gets her head nearly cut off with a saw, goes to the hospital emergency, dies and is revived, then is nearly healed a few hours later.

The only redeeming value for a movie this bad might be to have a few drinks and make fun of how bad the movie is. This is the worst movie I have seen this year or maybe several years. I have seen all of Tarantino's and Rodriguez movies, and thought this would be a fun movie in the same spirit as Grindhouse or Machete. How can anyone say its a great movie.

It should be 4 or less. Honestly the acting is OK, some lines are funny, but the idea is badly executed, the violence and gore is so low budget, its sad using 2 bumper cars to smash a guys head like a ripe tomatoe. This could have been a much better movie, but the really dropped the ball.

I really tried to like this movie, but it misses on so many levels, its sad. They should have mad it an outright parody. Don't waste your time or money on this movie. Or watch it and post your honest review on here you'll see how bad of a movie it is. OK OK I have seen bad movies, but this isn't one. Sure its ridiculous. Some of the acting is way over the top and cheesy, but that is the point of it. I enjoyed this film because it didn't try to be serious at all.

It had fun and so did the people in the theater I attended with my buddies. People laughed and it got a huge round of applause at the end. We were happy to see a few canucks it was filmed on the east coast, so I am biased so for this Canadian it was a plus.

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The effects look like special effects, no CGI. I like this.

6 thoughts on “CAPSULE: HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (2011)”

As someone who is tired of CGI taking over plot, dialogue, and character, a little corn syrup and toilet paper makes for a more enjoyable movie. The movie was so over the top that they even roasted kids in a school bus. There were some plot things that made you scratch your head.. But the movie was a fun B movie that didn't in anyway take itself too serious. There is also a guest spot of David Brunt who was in the original grind house trailer. The two main stars-hobo and abby, did a good job. I have seen Rutger in Omega Doom which was far worse in every aspect than this film.

The sound was good and the music and hair styles were reminiscent of the 80s which I think was the target, despite being a grindhouse movie lighting was good including some blue lights in the right spots plus the ever gratuitous neon we saw through that decade. Production values were good for what was most likely a low budget film. Bad sound, bad acting, bad dialogue, bad editing. So if you don't agree with my score just compare Hobo against actual bad movies.

Sleazy,ulta violent,brutal,funny,crazy but also has Heart. Hes so good as The homeless old guy looking for a new place to call home. Pjtaylor 6 March Originally a less than two-minute trailer attached to Rodriguez and Tarantino's 'Grindhouse ' project, this seventies-styled exploitation shock-fest features nothing more yet nothing less than what it says on the tin and is simultaneously a terribly grimy, low-rent, poorly pieced-together picture but also a strangely entertaining, ostentatiously wild ride from start to finish.

Within the context of its genre, though, there's a blackly-comic through-line and a strong sense of 'trash-art' that just makes the entire experience strangely entertaining - even if you do watch it while wearing a grimace. Well directed, good editing, ott violence, good action scenes. Simple plot to follow, disturbing film ive seen in a while. Rutger hauer plays the hobo character well and keeps you watching throughout as he delivers justice. Has that 80s feel to it and some cool music too. Overall a decent action film. Would recommend this to anyone Enjoy!!

This is a explotaition film. So basicly their gimmick is using blood and guts, if you are not into thath I wouldn't find a reason to watch this movie. The whole tone of the movie is well defined by the artowrk and title of it. The whole plot is really cartoon-ish, you have good guys and you have bad guys, no grey area characters, but I said before, you should know what you are getting with a title like that and with the trailer.

Having said that, this film is really entretaining, has some fun scenes, funny dialogue. Seeing the evollution of a whole town is really interesting as well.

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With Hobo With a Shotgun you pretty much know what you are getting from the title alone, don't expect anything midblowing. Hauer with a Shotgun sol- 21 July After using a shotgun hanging in a pawnshop to stop an armed robbery, a homeless man turns celebrated vigilante, much to the annoyance of the corrupt police force in this Canadian action thriller. The film began life as a fake movie trailer and watching the trailer and film back-to-back, it is quite remarkable how much the filmmakers manage to stretch the original premise. With lots of neon purple, pink, yellow and other glaring colours throughout, the film possesses a deliciously exaggerated visual look that perfectly complements its over-the-top story.

A little too much time is spent on Hauer befriending and conversing with a prostitute who of course has a heart of gold, but the prostitute subplot gives the film a welcome 'Taxi Driver'-like quality, with Hauer trying to clean the streets much like Travis Bickle. Where the film really rises above the ordinary though is in its acute depiction of a society that neglects and abuses the homeless.

Sure, the way they are mistreated is really overdone, but the satirical edge still sticks. I've seen a lot of b movies and ultragore but this is probably the worst one so far. Here is the premise of the movie, what if someone made a Quentin Tarantino or Robert Rodriquez film without their talent. This is what you get with this film. The people who rate this film high have lost their minds. The problem is the actors don't seem to believe it. Their characters act cartoony and thats the difference between something like Planet Terror.


[Butcher Block] ‘Hobo with a Shotgun,’ a Glorious Grindhouse-Style Gorefest

So now I know to watch out for cool sounding titles, because it is not the title or the subject matter, it is who directs it. But if you must see if, please wait for it to come on HBO or Netflix instant streaming, but do not buy, do not rent, just watch when it becomes available. Because trust me, this is no Machete, it is no Death Proof, it is truly a pretender with a director who has no idea on how to direct and with a writer who storyline was pretty garbage for a movie with such a basic concept. How in the world do you screw up a movie called Hobo With A Shotgun?

The Story Behind Hobo With A Shotgun | GamesRadar+

Easily, have this moronic director make it. One of the other main problem is that it isn't fun, at all. It's violence for the sake of violence with no point. And I have a tolerance for many things, but there are some scene such as a bus, scene, not giving anything away , that I found reprehensible. No one, not even Rutger Hauer was believable and if this is satire, it didn't come through, it is just exploitive.

Guys, do yourself a huge huge favor and DO NOT subject your wives, children, girlfriends, dates or any females you know to this nonsense or you will forever be in the doghouse. They will never forgive you and it will always be brought up throughout the rest of your future history remember when you insisted on watching that Hobo Shotgun movie.

Me and my male friends watched it and we loved Machete but hated, hated this. I suspect most of the other reviewers weren't alive in the grind house era. And probably haven't seen many or any of the films that came out. So stop saying this is a return to grind house. Plain and simple. This film doesn't have a single redeeming feature and is riding on the coat tails of a genre that was tongue in cheek and yet low rent because they didn't have any budget. You can't wrap bad film making up and pass it off as a tribute to a particular era in film. Admit to yourselves that you can't write and can't direct and should find another line of work.

End of. Rutger Hauer clearly needs mortgage money and tbh was never that great blade runner and hitcher aside. And he is the best thing about it.

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Says a lot doesn't it? Do not waste your time or your money. This should never have been green-lit. But if you are a teenager with pretensions of being a pseudo-intellectual film critic then go for it. You can post on here and try and look clever but ultimately the only ones you will impress are other 14 year olds. Now go ahead and flame me! People like to compare Lloyd to Ed Wood without realizing the one glaring difference.

Ed Wood had no skill. Lloyd, on the other hand, makes the exact movie he sets out to make. That is all. Again, love the site. My point was that Troma at least when they started off in the s intended to try to capture the absurd pleasures of grindhouse cinema, in a smart way. The movie was interesting because at least partly it had few new ideas. Otherwise it sucked. The actor who played the bum was the only good one. I imagine movies like these are accpetable for dumb Americans, but in reality this is really low class film.

I always saw this movie laughed at the title and passed it up. The main point of this movie is an homage to the over the top splatter flicks of the 80s. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.