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Focus on Balance
  1. The Role of Integrity and Responsibility in Life Coaching
  2. Physician Burnout: Coaching a Way Out
  3. A Program For Stress Relief, Health and Balance
  4. Namrata Jain – Learners Conclave

Speak your truth! I have a loud voice, I stand firm in my beliefs, and I speak up. So how is it that I have trouble speaking my truth!? Well, I speak loud and clear on truths that I can stand behind. Usually that means truths that protect others, stand up for causes I believe in, helping other see themselves clearly, etc. However speaking my truth when it comes to myself, who I am, what I do, my work, my healing, even my intuitive abilities has been hard.

Today I ask myself to stand up, take my power back, speak my truth for myself, say what I believe, show who I am, offer my services. Today I take a very honest look at myself and where I have been playing small, toning down my muchness, and where I have been trying to be palatable. Today I show my true face, I open my full heart, and I speak my deepest truth. Today I show up, I make offers, and I grow my self and my business. Speak it or whisper it, this is safe space.

The Role of Integrity and Responsibility in Life Coaching

Curious about spiritual tools, wellness, divine feminine, embodiment, and so much more? Link in bio! The time of the New Moon is perfect for setting intentions, planting seeds, and deep reflection. What is your intention? Hey lovelies, my newest article is out on lifegoalsmag!

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Learn how to select crystals, oils, space clearers, salts, and even more to make a completely customized ritual. The fullmoonaquarius lunareclipse bloodmoon and all the retrogrades had me really in the feeling the last few days.

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Physician Burnout: Coaching a Way Out

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A Program For Stress Relief, Health and Balance

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Namrata Jain – Learners Conclave

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